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About us

to build applications that you will love.

InvPro is a custom software development company that builds advanced solutions for industries. Our highly skilled software engineers are ready to help you minimize software development risks in mission-critical systems. Combining domain knowledge with offshore cost advantages InvPro develops high quality applications on time and on budget.

Our Offer

Creating web applications is our main domain. We build advanced online solutions written in PHP & JavaEE.
Nowadays it is hard to run a business without a mobile application. We do create applications for iOS, Android & WindowsPhone devices.
Want to say offline? We also create applications for Windows, OS X & Linux operation systems.
Interested in a custom micro-game? We develop games for PCs and mobile devices (iOS & Android).

Why work with us?

Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of our work. We work really hard to keep protection of our clients’ sensitive data. We’ve a business level security policies.

  • Our mailboxes are encrypted using SSL certificate
  • Our IT infrastructure is highly isolated to minimal potential losses
  • We do provide security penetration testing
  • (Optionally) All sensitive data mailed between our client and us may be encrypted and signed using GPG.
We have more than 6 years of experience in software development. Our engineers are highly educated and constantly improving the know how in terms of IT. We are passionate and perfectionists. Our stuff got also certified by Oracle as „Oracle Certified Professional” in 2010.
As a result of multiple platforms coverage we will be able to fulfill all your software developments needs. Moreover, you will not have to cooperate with multiple companies to achieve your goals.
Partnership companies
We do partnership with creative companies. This collaboration allows us to extend our offer with:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Load Testing
  • 2D graphic design
  • 3D modelling
We offer our services worldwide and we are flexible to be available for you no matter of the time zone differences.
  • Design
    We contribute a lot of effort
    to make our products well
    designed & structed
  • Development
    We create it with passion &
  • Care
    If necessary we will
    be available 24/7
  • Testing
    We do test our software
    before it is delivered to you


+48 609 581 856

+1 (646) 480-0553


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